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Small finances to make use of them
When any kind of a person faces the trouble of shortage of finances in his hands and has still got quite a few necessary needs unfulfilled due to this very troubled, he wishes that either he should get a fairy with a magical wand or a genie who can solve his trouble just in a wink. In the olden times, it was no less than a dream.
It was a difficult thing to get such kind of help in the earlier days. But the financial experts of the country have now realized the importance of such kind of an option and so have come up what they call as being Genie Loans. They can apply for this loan option with us at He is going to avail help so that he can solve all his temporary needs.
Involved amount
One must always go for that loan amount which you can settle back in an easy manner without facing any kind of a hassle. What a person earns every month become the bases of the sum which gets to him. The involved amount here is small.
The working fashion of Genie Loans
The bases of the working fashion of Genie Loans is to help out all kinds of people who facing a problem in meeting the unexpected expenses that have come into his way. It is quite an easy thing for the borrower to meet all his needs as and when he wants to do so to as the money lenders make a consideration of his monetary stability and also his repayment status as well. This does not lets him become an imperfect creditor. Making timely settlement of money entirely depends on you.
Main intention of this financial option
The main intention of this financial option is to help the applicant in getting rid of his small cash needs at the earliest possible hour and eliminate his month-end fiscal tightness. This aid makes this an entire extremely easy thing.
Objective of Genie Loans
The main objective of Genie Loans is that the applicant can settle his urgent needs without giving to go out of him house or wait for next payday which will be maximum 10 days. You can settle all your needs without thinking much. When the sum that comes into your account is the amount that is based on your want so it is not only for you but also for the borrower, the deal becomes less risky.
Easy to get approved
Since the nature of this loan option that is genie loans is short-term so approval also comes along easy this may be in the span of 24 hours. But the banks may need a span of at least 2 days to give money to you.
Basic Pre-set criteria to Qualify
The borrowers need to meet the following pre-set criteria such as one needs to be an adult that is at least 18 years of age, he needs to be a citizen of the country, he should have a checking account which has to be at least by a quarter, he should be earning fixed monthly income which has to be at least 1000 pounds which he must be earning from past at least 6 months.
Amount of fee chargeable
The amount of fee that is going to be charged from the borrower is going to be based on the sum of money that he is availing from here. There is different way to repay your borrow money, itís very easy and simple, which will help to repay the cash without any hassle.
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